Tinder Guy Panics When Girl Ignores His Calls, Pulls Out The One Trick In The Book That No Bro Should Ever Try



The best way to piss a girl off is to imply that she is a no-good gold digging harlot whose only interest in men goes no further than the money they can stuff into her wallet and the things they can buy for her house. Does this apply to some women? Totally! But that doesn’t mean we like getting it shoved in our faces. Everyone likes to think that they’re a “good” and “nice” person, and anytime that reality is threatened people get pissed.

Kind of like this guy, who met a girl on Tinder, chatted for a while, and then completely blew his load when she started ignoring him. If the shitty grammar wasn’t enough to get the girl to run away screaming, his attempt at getting her attention by flaunting some BS “wealth” in her face definitely did it:



Dude is definitely not making any fuck tonight.

[Via Reddit]