Watch This Guy Fly Down The Interstate On The Back Of A Car And Then Punch His Way Through The Window To Get Inside

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This is something I would expect out of Florida, not North Carolina…but of course if it happened in Florida the guy would’ve been on meth and drinking a PBR. Saturday in North Carolina Brenda Cruz, a woman driving down I-77, caught this video of a man riding on the trunk of a car down the interstate.

” ‘All of a sudden the kids say, “There’s someone on top of the car on the trunk,” and I’m like what?’…‘I said, ‘Let me get my phone and started recording.’”

Via Daily Mail

Yes, because the first thing to do in this situation is to film it, not call the highway patrol or whoeverthefuck is in charge of this sort of thing. Lady if you’re gonna potentially wreck your car filming some moron riding on a trunk you may as well merge into the same lane so you’re at least closer.

[H/T Daily Mail]


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