Guy Steals $4.5 Million Then Proceeds To Spend $1 Million Of It On About The Dumbest Thing Ever

So, if you were somehow smart/stupid enough to steal over $4.5 million what would you splurge on with all that cash? Maybe some fast cars, a yacht, a new house, some sweet new clothes? I know that’s what I would do.

Not 45-year-old Kevin Lee Co from California though. No sir! This dude went and spent a cool $1 million on, wait for it… in-game purchases to help him kick ass in … Game of War.

That’s right. The game where Kate Upton used her assets to help make it, according to them, “the world’s largest multiplayer strategy game.”

Look, I would get it if by winning the game, whatever that entails, would mean that Kate Upton does a strip tease and gets completely naked if you complete all the challenges or levels or whatever, but obviously that doesn’t happen. So what the hell, dude?

According to the Washington Post, he also spent a big chunk of the money on luxury cars, season tickets to see the Sacramento Kings and the San Francisco 49ers, “plastic surgery expenses” and a membership at the exclusive Whitney Oaks Golf Club.

That’s more like it, bro.

So how did he manage to steal so much money from his employer?

Co managed [heavy machinery company] Holt’s accounting department and as the company’s controller, Co oversaw Holt’s commercial credit account. Co abused that authority to conduct hundreds of unauthorized credit card transactions on the company’s account, to manipulate and falsify records regarding the credit account and to mislead the bank that held the credit account when it made inquiries to Co about suspicious transactions.

All in all, Co now has to pay back $4,542,236.08 and could spend decades in prison as the maximum sentence for each of the four charges against him is 20 years in prison.

Totally worth it, though, right?

H/T Death and Taxes

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