How Many Big Ass Snakes Do You Think This Guy Can Stick Up His Nose At Once? Answer: More Than One

by 3 years ago


As the headline states the man in this video is going to stick some large (and probably slimy) snakes up his nose. Not just one snake, he’s getting more than one snake up through his nostrils and out of his mouth. So if that’s not something you’re interested in seeing then you should leave now. Here’s the clip from Discovery Network’s show Snaketacular, which airs this Sunday, January 31 at 10PM ET/PT.


Back when I was a strapping young lad, like elementary school aged, I had a few snakes as pets. I had one Red Rat Snake (a common snake here in Florida) and two Red-Tailed Colombian Boa Constrictors. At the time I was way too young to realize how creepy it might look to the outside world that I had some snakes as pets, back then i was just into all sorts of animals. I also had like 50 different fish, a few rabbits, three birds, and we of course had a cat and a dog in the house. In hindsight I’m thinking I might’ve been living in some sort of a makeshift farm and was none-the-wiser.

Anyways, at NO POINT during the time that I had snakes as pets did I ever think to take them out and play with them. The only time they’d come out of their enormous tanks were when I’d clean the tanks. They’d eat in their tanks, live in those tanks, and that’s what they did. I didn’t bust them out and try to fondle them like that absolute psychopath in the video above. That’s just pure craziness, and there’s no other way about it. Like, when did that dude wake up one day and think ‘today’s the day I stick a snake up my nose!’?!?!?!? Instead of more snakes as pets I think this dude needs some meds…I could be wrong about this though.

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