This Dude Spent An Entire Year Tossing Eggs At His Unsuspecting Mom In The Greatest Prank Ever

This dude spent more than a year tossing eggs at his poor mom. Any time she’d let her guard down he’s toss some eggs at her. Getting ready to go out for dinner? Here mom, have an egg. Just woke up and brushed your teeth? Mom, catch! His poor unsuspecting mom says it well ‘every fucking day’, and this dude’s dedication to the prank is really what sells it the most for me.

I guess the one thing that throws me off about this is why didn’t the mom realize that whenever his camera came out that’s when the eggs were coming? I feel like after the first or second time I’d have noticed that whenever the camera was pinned on me there was an egg flying through the air momentarily.

Also, I’m not sure I’d have been a good sport about this. If I had a roommate who was tossing me eggs for a year I think I’d have likely retaliated at some point by filling his pillow with cottage cheese or some shit like that, I just don’t have the tolerance for extended pranks. This was pretty amazing though, mom handled it incredibly well…Lastly, was this video shot using a potato? This is 2016, I didn’t know that cameras still filmed in 240 resolution.

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