Guy Uses Treadmill For 100 Days To See If It’ll Get Him In Shape And His Results Are A Testament To Weight Training

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Losing weight isn’t always easy – sure at its core it’s purely “calories in vs. calories out,” but what about from an aesthetic point of view? Being skinny with no muscle definition whatsoever isn’t always a good look on people (just check out Lindsay Lohan if you need some proof), but everyone’s gotta start somewhere. For Redditor AndrewLL, that somewhere was the treadmill he happened to own.

According to AndrewLL, he decided that he was “tired of feeling sluggish, tired of drinking beer, and generally just tired of being out of shape. I ate like a dumpster with a mouth and didn’t exercise outside of my sometimes-physical job.” Rather than bitch and moan about it, then go online to talk about how “everyone is beautiful no matter what,” AndrewLl started using the NordicTrack treadmill he had. While he didn’t weigh himself when he first started, he estimates that he was between 190 and 210 pounds (at 5’11”) and states that today he weighs only 170, a 20-pound difference at the least.


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Diet: Consisted of low-carb, high fat food with the intention to keep my carb intake below 50g a day (usually I only hit 30g). I ate a lot of meat, salads, low sugar Greek yogurt, and wraps made with low-carb tortillas. I had done a diet like this before and have basically stuck with those three meals for the last three months. I did have a few cheat days here and there, but made sure to run on those days too.

Exercise: I have a NordicTrack treadmill that peaks at 12mph and, I think, 12% incline. I exclusively used the Aerobic Fitness presets which ranged from a max of 6.5mph and 10 percent incline. My usual walk/run is a 30 minute program that peaks at 4mph and 10% incline which comes out to around 1.7 miles. I do that twice, so I have been running 3 miles or more a day since January 6th. Sometimes I get a little crazy and go for the 6.5mph max preset, which makes me feel completely wiped out for the rest of the day. That one is 2.4 miles and I hope to eventually do two of those each morning without feeling it as hard.

AndrewLL claims that after 100 days of using his treadmill, he now has “insane energy and endurance” in comparison to how he felt in January. To that, we say congratulations Bro – but now that you’ve lost the fat, the next step is to start hitting the weights to tone up. We think The Rock might have some good tips to help get you started:

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