This Guy Trolled The Crap Out Of This Ridiculously Religious Tinder Girl And I Hope To God He Got Laid For It


If you’re on Tinder solely for the sake of trying to convert people to “whatever-ism” then you need to gtfo and get some holy water dumped on you until you’ve snapped back to reality. That’s like rolling into Chipotle and handing out coupons to a free taco at Taco Bell: yeah people will take one, but are they really gonna sacrifice their ability to have a healthy bowel movement just for the sake of a taco? No, just like how no sane person on Tinder is going to go celibate just because a match started spewing Bible verses at them.

Looking back at the Chipotle vs. Taco Bell comparison, I’m not sure it made sense but I like Mexican food so we’re gonna leave that as-is.

What was I saying before that? Oh yeah, crazy religious girls trying to convert people over Tinder. Maybe she’s trying to find a husband? Or maybe she downloaded the app on accident and hasn’t figured out its sole purpose is to match people up so they can fuck rather than exchange Jesus quotes. Who knows (God. The answer to that question is God)?

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