This Guy Wearing A SUPER-Realistic Little Girl Mask Is About The Creepiest Thing Ever

YouTube - Stan Winston School

Remember that creepy AF Tom Brady mask that dude was freaking everyone the hell out with by running around wearing it a Patriots game and on national TV?

If not, here’s a reminder…and fuel for your next nightmare…

Now that you have been sufficiently traumatized for life, here’s a little more of the same.

Mask maker Landon Meier must be made of pure evil, because his latest creation, a freaky AF little girl mask, has been haunting everyone who witnessed it on the internet this week.

Peep this video and you will 100% understand why.

Oh, and if that wasn’t bad enough, here are super-realistic Trump, Putin and Kim Jong Un masks they have also created to take you completely over the edge of insanity…

So much nope


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