Guy Totals His Ferrari 430 Scuderia Within ONE HOUR Of Purchasing It

A brand new Ferrari 430 Scuderia is going to set you back well over $200,000. You could make the case that Ferrari is the #1 sports car manufacturer on the planet based on engine quality, craftsmanship, history, and fan loyalty.

One man in England had just taken his Ferrari 430 Scuderia off the lot and out on the M1 highway when his life got flipped, turned upside down. Somehow, due to the wet road conditions and the driver’s inability to hold onto his sports car the man sent his Ferrari flying into the air, off the road, and into a pile of flames.


South Yorkshire Police / BBC

ONE HOUR is all he owned this Ferrari for, something he sheepishly told police after they sensed his embarrassment (via BBC):

In a statement on Facebook, South Yorkshire Police said: “Officers asked the driver what sort of car he ‘had’ to which he replied ‘it was a Ferrari’.
“Detecting a sense of damaged pride he then said ‘I’ve only just got it, picked it up an hour ago’.”

Aren’t you supposed to take some sort of a driving class taught by Ferrari dealers before getting behind the wheel? These are the most powerful cars on the planet. How the shit are you going to plow out onto the wet road and wreck this amazing vehicle within ONE HOUR of purchasing it? Someone needs to get that guy a Vespa. (h/t BBC)

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