Watching This Guy’s Car Get Attacked By A Deranged Kangaroo In The Dark Is Exactly What Horror Movies Are Made Of

Yo WTF Australia? I know y’all are Satan’s testing ground for “new and improved” poisonous/murderous/fucking stupid looking animals, but come on – leave the kangaroos alone. We all know koalas are terrifying with their sharp claws, beady little eyes and raging bouts of chlamydia, which means the only “fun” animal left that’s not known for mauling bystanders is the kangaroo.

This video, however, ruins that notion. The kangaroo here is fuckin’ scary. Given the choice between walking down a dark alley and running into this kangaroo vs. running into Jeffrey Dahmer, I’d pick Dahmer. Dude might be a serial killer but at least he can’t jump onto the top of a car with the flick of an ankle.

Nightmare fuel indeed.

[H/T Uproxx]