Watch And See If Guys Are Just As Likely To Give Their Phone Number To A Girl With A Boyfriend As A Girl Without One

Well…no shit they’re gonna throw out their phone number like Kim K to Ray J once she realized no one knows who the fuck Ray J is. Technically they’re not doing anything wrong — it’s not their fault if the girl decides to go a-cheatin’ on her boyfriend. Morally distasteful? Yes. But honestly what did you expect? They’re dudes. Unless we’re talking about the Pope (which we aren’t) I have exactly 0 expectations for men to not give their phone numbers out to a pretty girl when given the chance. Besides, a phone number isn’t cheating, it’s just a chance to throw a bunch of stupid pickup lines down on an iPhone keyboard in the hopes that you might get laid. In other words, giving out your phone number doesn’t mean shit unless she texts you back.