This Gynecologist Used A Camera Pen To Record OVER 8,000 VAGINAS

Do you have any idea how much dedication it must take to record 8,000 vaginas? Because I’d have to think it takes a fuckton. I mean really, how many pervy vajay videos do you even need? After maybe 15 I’d imagine they all mostly start to blend together into one giant super-vagina anyway. But this guy? Nah, he recorded over 8,000.

” Dr. Nikita Levy was fired in February 2013, days after a co-worker alerted authorities at Johns Hopkins Health System about her suspicions. He was forced to turn over the camera, and committed suicide days later. Investigators discovered roughly 1,200 videos and 140 images stored on a series of servers in his home.”

I’d probably kill myself too if my employer found all the dick pics I have on my lapto-I MEAN…bummer. While it appears that none of the videos or images were shared between Levy and others, it’s being reported that he had been abusing his patients in other ways than secret pen cameras.

“Some women told of being inappropriately touched and verbally abused by Levy, according to Schochor. In some cases, women said they were regularly summoned to Levy’s office for unnecessary pelvic exams.”

Are random pelvic exams a thing? Like what would the receptionist calling say on a voicemail, “Hello Ms. Jones, this is Dr. Levy’s office calling to inform you that you’ve won a FREE PELVIC EXAM!”? Or maybe something like “If you don’t come in for an exam you will drop dead in 5…4…3…2…”? It’s not like those things are what you’d call “fun,” so even if I won a lifetime supply of ’em I’d probably still not go. In any case, the lead attorney on the case, Jonathan Schochor, stated that

“…there is no way to identify which patients were recorded without having them ‘sit around a table and try to identify sexual organs without pictures of faces,’ something the lawyer said would be impossible and could cause the women more distress.”

Via Huffington Post

I’d rather live my life not knowing that my doctor took random videos of my vag, so at least some women don’t have to have that “lovely” information floating around the back of their minds 24/7.

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