WTF Is This Bizarre Half Crocodile Half Dolphin Sea Creature!?!?!

Humans have explored less than five percent of the ocean, so that means that there’s a whole lot of mysterious sea where creepy and odd beasts can mingle freely without us fucking with them. However, this freaky creature was caught by fisherman and it looks like a crocodile and a dolphin fucked and created this crocodolphin or dolphodile thingy.

Fishermen in Zhoushan city, in the Zhejiang province of China reeled in this unidentifiable creature. Some people believe the fish to be a dolphin, while others suggest it is a sturgeon. A Chinese science journal believe the animal was most likely a beaked whale, because it’s lower jaw has two bumps. These little-known mammals lie in the deep-sea so it is rarely seen. There are 22 species of beaked whale, but marine biologists are only knowledgeable about three or four of the family.

Whatever it technically is categorized as it’s scary as fuck and probably already someone’s dinner by now.