This Half-Naked Man Escaping Off A Balcony To Avoid Being ‘Caught Cheating’ Is A Lesson In Futility

Two roommates named Liu and Zhao went for a walk when as they were returning home they saw a man putting his clothes on and then climbing down from their apartment’s balcony. They had left their flat unlocked because they weren’t planning on being gone long, which is apparently how the man ended up on their balcony.

Because this is not something you see every day, Liu decided to take out his phone and record the man’s daring escape.

What the video doesn’t show was that when they first saw the man on their balcony he was naked. It was only after he noticed he was being filmed that he grabbed a a pair of red underpants and a T-shirt. So modest.

Reports the Mirror

Liu later told local media that the man was visiting his married girlfriend, who was a neighbour in the block of flats.

He probably fled when her husband came home unexpectedly, Liu said.

Liu deduced that the man had chosen to escape through their flat because it was the only one left unlocked.

Unfortunately for this guy, his slippery escape appears to have all been for naught because, yo, it was all caught on camera. Sucks to be him right about now.

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