Someone Made A ’30 For 30′ Intro For Harambe And By The Hammer Of Thor WE NEED To Make This Happen

Look, I’m not saying that Bush did Harambe but I do know that if we band together as one we can get the answers we seek, and discover the truth about Harambe’s tragic death. I also know that if there’s ONE THING we millennials need to accomplish in 2016 it’s getting a 30 for 30 in production on our fallen hero, Harambe, the gorilla that was taken from us when he was shot at the Cincinnati Zoo under peculiar circumstances.

There’s not a moment that passes on Twitter that I’m not reminded of Harambe’s ascent to Heaven after he was shot dead in Cincy…though I’m typically reminded because I’ve got this tweet pinned to the top of my Twitter profile:

It’s also been a pretty big day for Harambe-related news, as a petition’s been circulating to rename the Cincinnati Bengals in Harambe’s honor and it’s picking up thousands of signatures already.

I don’t know who made this fake 30 for 30: Harambe trailer but I came across it thanks to my boy Andy Isaac over at UPROXX, a man who has been sharing the hottest Harambe memes for weeks/months. So if you’re looking to keep up with all-things-Harambe make sure you go give him a follow!

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