Man In Gorilla Costume Chases Guy In Banana Suit With ‘RIP Harambe’ Sign, Attacks Kid On Cincinnati Football Field

Gone, but never forgotten. That is the path chosen for our fallen prince Harambe who is now crushing bananas in the afterlife with Cecil the Lion and David Bowie, watching over all of us from above. Every morning we get out of bed and remember we’re living in a world without Harambe, for some of us that’s harder to accept than others, and for a few Cincinnati area students this reality is nearly impossible to digest. At what I can only assume was their first H.S. football game of the season because classes just resumed a couple of students staged a protest against the Cincinnati Zoo by donning costumes in front of the entire school.

One person dressed as a gorilla chasing another individual wearing a banana costume holding a ‘RIP Harambe’ sign sprinted up and down in front of the bleachers before/during/after the game:

At another point the man wearing the gorilla suit began dragging around a student in what I can only assume is meant to represent the ephemeral nature of being, and signify that life’s path can switch courses on a whim just as the clouds dissipate and the thunder rolls…Not too long ago the Cincinnati Zoo had to delete their Twitter account after requesting everyone stop making Harambe memes, so it’s no surprise at all that local students are rebelling:

via Independent UK:

In still images, the gorilla is seen dragging a child by the arm around the football pitch in a manner reminiscent of the way in which the real Harambe was seen doing to the three-year-old boy who fell into his enclosure.
In other scenes, the gorilla elicits a rapturous response from the crowd during a bout of frenetic dancing.

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(via The Independent UK)

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