Just Like Harambe’s Eternal Spirit, Harambe Memes Refuse To Die: Petition Demands To Make Harambe A Pokemon

It’s the summer of Harambe. There’s no denying that. The cherished silverback gorilla was executed on May 28, 2016, but Harambe the almighty has risen like a Phoenix from the ashes when it comes to internet notoriety.

With real-life tributes to the fallen gorilla like college football players dedicating their season to Harambe to a conspiracy theory linking George W. Bush to the death of the beloved primate.

A wise and noble gentleman by the name of Eric CreamyMemes started a petition on Change.org to request that Nintendo add the majestic Harambe to Pokemon. The petition, which has over 60,000 signatures, wants to change the Pokemon character Hambo to Harambe. He would continue to be a “Ghost” and “Fighting” type Pokemon with the abilities of a “Meat Shield.”

This of course isn’t the first petition in Harambe’s honor. There was a petition to rename a U.S. Navy ship after Harambe. Who could forget the petition to rename the Cincinnati Bengals to the “Cincinnati Harambes.”

I understand that this is a grim and distressing time for many of you, but you need to keep your head up and know that Harambe is in a better place now.

RIP Harambe.

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