Don’t Want Cancer? Scientists Say You Should Have More Sex. Lots And Lots Of Sex.

You know what’s not cool? Getting prostate cancer. You know what is cool? You can avoid getting prostate cancer by poppin’ off at least one orgasm a day. That’s right my bros, scientsts claim that having sex and/or orgasming once a day can drastically reduce your chances of coming down with prostate cancer.

via Mirror UK:

Scientists claim there really is such a thing as sexual healing, as a study showed ejaculating once a day could reduce the risk of one of the UK’s most common cancers by nearly a quarter.
They claim it could also offer a boost to the immune system, better sleep, and even protection against heart disease.
Scientists at the Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women Hospital carried out the study, which found that men who ejaculate at least once a day have a very low chance of developing prostate cancer.
Men can also reap the benefits from ‘me time’ or wet dreams as sex itself isn’t required, just an orgasm, the study said.

Lay pipe. Clean pipe. Do whatever it is to your pipe that you need to do, just make sure you’re orgasming at least once a day and your risk of coming down with prostate cancer is drastically reduced, like 25% or more reduced.

Cancer = Bad
Orgasms = Good

This is math even I can do.

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