I’d Love To Know What These People Did To Make This Hawk Throw A Snake At Them

When nature calls. I’ll admit I’m not really a big ‘nature person’. I went hiking last weekend for the first time in a year and that’ll honestly be the last time I do it until this time next year. I’m more of a concrete jungle kind of guy. At least then I can stop for a hot dog or take my mid-day poop on a toilet instead of crouched over some innocuous patch of dry dirt off the beaten trail. And then something like this pops up and it pretty much reaffirms my stance that I am not an outdoors person. I mean, a snake and a hawk separate are fucking terrifying. Stick them together and it’s like a monster from a horror film. Really, I just want to know why the hawk just started throwing snakes at people. Maybe it felt that the people weren’t eating well enough and was trying to share? More likely, though, this is just another instance of everything in Australia getting creative in its attempts to kill all of the inhabitants.