Group Of Savages Create The ‘Heart-Attack Shotgun’ — Beer, Coffee, Pre-Workout, Red Bull, And Vodka In One Shotgun

If you’ve been following along on the BroBible Instagram and Snapchat over the past few weeks, I’ve been doing this thing called “Savage Shotgun Techniques” where our wonderful readers send us videos of them demolishing beers in the most ridiculous ways imaginable. If you or a friend would like to be featured, you can submit your own Savage Shotgun Technique by DMing us on Instagram or Snapchat, or simply just by hitting me up on Twitter or e-mail –

One of the most ridiculous Savage Shotgun Techniques to day is one sent to us this weekend. The Bro who sent it to us calls it “the heart-attack wake up shotgun.” There’s a reason for the aggressive name — It’s beer + pre-workout supplement + Red Bull + coffee + vodka.

I think I puked a little bit in the back of my mouth just listing those out. It goes without saying that this is pretty dangerous and BroBible does not endorse this.

Probably the most aggressive Saturday morning breakfast of all time.

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