Here’s How Many People Were Arrested At The NFL Draft In Philly

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Despite the lack of Super Bowls, Philly is a football town. The Eagles are religion in the regions surrounded the 215 and The Linc on Sundays in the fall are a Thunderdome sanctuary. Our liturgy is a united one: Fuck the Cowboys, amirite?

With the NFL Draft at the Art Museum this past weekend, the city was in the national football spotlight. It was a chance for Eagles fans to spit shine their image, which gets a bad rap nationally despite the fact that other fan bases have way more violent raps. And, damn, did it rise to the occasion.

via the 700 Level:

And yet somehow Eagles fans are still The Worst?! SMH…. Good looks, Philly.

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Despite 250,000 united boos at Rodger Goodell, no one was arrested at the NFL Draft in Philly, according to Philly police. There weren’t even any Draft-related citations issued, despite the amount of beer-drinking done on the Parkway over the weekend.

The bar is now set high for the draft in Dallas next year.

Your move, Cowboys fans.

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