Hero Bus Driver Saves 20 Kids From Inferno

by 2 years ago

Reneita Smith proves that not all heroes wear capes. The school bus driver from College Park, Maryland had a disaster around 3:45 p.m. on Monday when her bus caught fire that originating near one of the rear wheels. Inside the burning bus was 20 children from Glenarden Woods Elementary School.

She took the students out one by one until they were all safe. A parent acknowledged Reneita’s bravery.

“A big THANK YOU to our school bus driver Reneita Smith who just saved 20 elementary school kids from a bus fire that completely destroyed the bus. Reneita [not only] took each one of the 20 kids from the bus one by one, but also went into the empty bus again to check if everyone was out, while it was still burning.”

“I am a mom of two kids,” Smith said. “It’s my job to save them.”

I give this woman so much credit. I can’t imagine being a bus driver of a vehicle that caught fire. These are the same snot-nosed brats that made my already miserable life even more miserable by screaming, wiping their boogers all over the seats, and throwing paper airplanes at the back of my head when I’m taking a swig of Wild Turkey while driving their annoying asses. You might hesitate saving all of the kids from the burning bus, except for the ones with hot moms. But that 5th grader Connor is all on his own. That little fuck is a terror and will grow up to be a mass murderer.

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