Hero Firefighter Rescues Dog Stuck In Icy Pond

Boston firefighters rushed to the Jamaica Pond after a 911 caller reported a person had fallen through the ice. When they arrived at the scene members of the Boston Fire Department were told it was actually a dog who had fallen through the ice and into the frigid waters. Nevertheless, one of the firefighters went on the ice and even in the freezing waters to save the pooch.

“It really didn’t matter whether it was a pet or a person,” said Steve MacDonald, a spokesman for the Boston Fire Department. “We treat it the same.”

Let’s give this selfless firefighter some major fucking props. I know it’s a mild winter this year, but Boston in February ain’t exactly Turks and Caicos and you don’t want to be anywhere near a pond. But this amazing firefighter saw that a dog was stranded and helpless in an icy pond and he jumped right in.

He’s a far better man than most. Even if my own mother was stuck in that icy pond, I would say, “It’s gonna be spring in a few weeks, the ice will melt and then you can just swim back. Now excuse me, while I go inside because it’s fucking freezing out here.”