This Hero Delivering Pizzas In The Middle Of Fiery ‘Welcome To Hell’ G20 Riot Is Everything

by 2 years ago

The G20 Summit is happening right now in Hamburg, Germany, where world leaders from major economic powers are attempting to ensure international financial stability. The annual meeting between the leaders of the world’s top economies gather in one room to discuss how to bring about global economic stability as well as other pressing issues of our time. Many have speculated that the first meeting between President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin is the most important moment of the G20. Those people are wrong. The most significant moment of the G20 is a brave hero delivering pizzas right smack-dab in the middle of an explosive riot.

While world leaders are discussing the fate of the planet, there are massive violent anti-capitalism protests going on all around Hamburg. The city has deployed 20,000 police officers to quell the violence but that has only resulted in more chaos as at least 130 police officers have been injured. Protestors have tried to shut the G20 down with violent riots that have included burning cars.

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