Smartass Leaves Hilarious Parking Note For Jerkoff Driver

There aren’t many options when you encounter a shitty driver who parked their car so exceptionally dreadful. You could key their car, you could piss in their gas tank, you could park so close to them that they can not enter their vehicle on the driver’s side, you could bust out their windows, you could just walk away and not get arrested for defacing private property or you could write a note denouncing the awful parking job. The latter is probably the best option since it allows you to vent your frustration without getting locked up in jail.

An angry driver in the U.K. selected leaving a snarky note for an individual who’s parking was less than desired. On Thursday, the testy note was uploaded to Imgur by user putsomecolourson, who captioned the photo as, “Spotted on Thistle Lane, Aberdeen today.”

“The car in the photo parked directly in front of another car blocking it in,” said putsomecolourson. “The driver of that car then spent around 15 minutes or doing an Austin Powers trying to get out. When I came back, that note was left!”

A closer look at the scornful note.

“Nice parking. Please don’t reproduce. Regards, Humanity,” the note on the silver Audi beautifully states.

Bravo to whomever wrote this brilliant note for this jizzbucket who doesn’t know how to park.