Our Girl Hilary Duff Got God Damn WORKED Over In Her Divorce

Friendly reminder to marry rich, Bros. Marry as rich as you can, because god dang can you come into a windfall.

Even if you, yourself, are rich.

Former NHL player Mike Comrie just finalized his divorce from our girl Hilary Duff (who has been single and on the market for some time now). In his 10-year NHL career, Comrie pulled down $17.4 million.

That’s some pretty good coin, no? I’d be content with that coin. But thanks to marrying richer than he, he’s now $2.4 million more wealthy after his divorce settlement with Duff.

So you’re telling me dude got to doff Duff and got paid almost two-and-a-half milli to do that?

Fuck, man.

Hitting this, and 2.4 million.

Fuck. He also got to keep their 2014 Bentley coupe and a 2013 Mercedes G-Class SUV.


[Via TMZ]