Hillary Clinton Laughs Off Pandering By Saying She Carries Hot Sauce In Her Purse Just Like Beyonce

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While Hillary Clinton has a wealth of experience, many people will say that she is a career politician who panders to specific groups for the sole reason to get their votes. On Monday morning, Hillary made an appearance on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, and was asked about her perceived pandering.

Clinton gave a 26-minute interview on the popular hip hop radio show in New York, and discussed a range of topics ranging from everything from “super predators” to systemic racism to Donald Trump to Beyonce to hot sauce. Hillary had a pressing need to win the New York primary after seeing her once vast lead shrink to only two points in a Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll that was released on Monday.

Angela Yee, one of the radio hosts, asked Clinton to name something she carries with her at all times. Clinton responded by saying, “Hot sauce.” Hot sauce gained national spotlight thanks to Beyonce’s song “Formation,” that had the lyrics, “I got a hot sauce in my bag, swag.”

“You getting in formation right now?” Charlamagne asked. “Really?”

As far as things in her purse, she could have said she had “2,100 classified State Department emails,” or “Bill Clinton’s testicles,” or “$7.7 million from speeches to big banks like Goldman Sachs and UBS,” or a “Dartboard with Monica Lewinsky’s face on it.” But she opted for hot sauce.

The outspoken Charlamagne Tha God told the former Secretary of State, “Now, listen, I just want you to know people are gonna see this and say, ‘OK, she’s pandering to black people.'” To which Hillary had a very quizzical response of laughing and then saying, “OK! Is it working?” Earlier in the show, she told how she played dominoes.

In case you are not familiar with the word pander,” here is the definition: “To do or say what someone wants in order to please them.”

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