The Hillary Clinton Campaign Takes A Shot At Staunch Hillary Supporter Lena Dunham In Wikileaks Email–LOL



Who’s your idol? It may be your favorite athlete, comedian, author, etc. Let’s say, for example’s sake, it’s Ken Bone. Imagine publicly advocating for Bone on your social media accounts, buying Bone apparel, plastering a Bone fat head on your bedroom wall, and generally trying to model your life after the example Ken Bone leads.

Now imagine coming home after a long day at the office busting your ass trying to provide for your family, walking in your front door and seeing Ken Bone plowing your wife on the living room coffee table. But not like missionary style, no no that wouldn’t be disrespectful enough. Bone is getting his bone on with your soul mate in that odd leapfrog doggy style position that we all fast forward through in pornos because the primary view is the dude’s gross hairy ass.

Can you imagine a worse situation?  You’ve lost your wife, your hero, and likely your coffee table in one awful instant. No way that table can support Bone’s hammer.

Well, that’s basically what happened to relentless Hillary Clinton supporter Lena Dunham today. Almost.

In a Wikileaks email, the Hillary campaign referred to Lena Dunham and journalist Gloria Steinem as “nails on a chalkboard” to the average American woman, expressing the urge to distance Dunham to garner more support.



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Full disclosure: I watched the first couple seasons of Girls and genuinely enjoyed it. But Dunham has proved time and time again to be a hyper sensitive social justice warrior who fails to recognize her own entitlement but belittles everyone else for theirs. Now I’d rather watch my parents have sex.

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