Archival Footage Of Hillary Clinton During Her 2008 Campaign Shows Her Hinting That Obama Could Be Assassinated

I’ve been personally offended by the presidential race. Like, this is the state we’re in. This is the best I could be offered. I went to college, took out student loans, got a job, pay my taxes. Why can’t I get a candidate that doesn’t shamelessly fix her campaign and make no attempt to hide it or hint that his voters should maybe attack his opponent to ensure he wins. Like fuck you. This is the best we can get? This is what the US political machine feels that I deserve?

Welp, the plot thickens. In an recently resurfaced interview from 2008, Hillary Clinton is seen discussing that she does not feel that she needs to drop out of the race despite losing to Obama because of the time Robert Kennedy was assassinated when he was in the lead.

Unreal. When did political assassinations become so commonplace? Like, you don’t count on an assassination in your political agenda. “Yeah, I know that he’s leading in the polls, but we should be fine because he’ll probably get shot in or around the face soon and we’ll be good.” Does anyone else realize how absurd this is? Like what the fuck? If I went outside and said this about one of these two, I’d be tied up and tossed in a small room for the rest of my life. But these guys can say all they want about it to each other. Regardless, if one of these two go down, we know who t0 ask first.