Hillary Clinton Has 2-Minute Coughing Fit Reigniting Health Concerns And Fueling #HackingHillary Memes

by 3 years ago

On Monday, Hillary Clinton was speaking at a rally in Cleveland, but she struggled to get through her speech because of a coughing fit that lasted minutes.

First, Clinton attributed the hacking frenzy because she’s allergic to Donald Trump.

“I’ve been talking so much,” Clinton said with a hoarse voice. “Every time I think about Trump, I get allergic.”

Then, the Democratic presidential candidate said the coughing was just allergies.

However, there would be yet another coughing fit caused by allergies, this time not outside, but in an air-conditioned airplane.

NBC News attributed the coughing fit to “high pollen count in Northeast Ohio” according to Pollen.com, the statement has since been retracted, but not before their reporting was questioned on Twitter.

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