Hillary Clinton Invites Mark Cuban To First Presidential Debate To Rattle Trump, Donald Trolls Right Back With Stinging Invitation

We’ve been treated to the most amazing, most bizarre, most sad presidential race of all-time. Hillary Clinton’s campaign invited Mark Cuban to the first presidential debate. The campaign believes that Cuban sitting in the front row could anger, rattle and fluster Trump during the debate. Trump and Cuban have been bickering frenemies for years. That’s some solid mind fuckery and trolling.

However, trolling may be Trump’s forte, and the Republican presidential candidate responded with his own psychological warfare and invited Gennifer Flowers, who alleges to have had an extramarital affair with former President Bill Clinton.

Flowers is a former model who claims to have had sex and a 12-year relationship with Bill Clinton.

In 1992 while running for president, Clinton said Flowers was merely a “friendly acquaintance” and that he did not have a sexual relationship with her in a 60 Minutes interview (1:49 mark).

In January 1998, Clinton admitted that he had a sexual encounter with Flowers in his deposition to lawyers representing former Arkansas state employee Paula Jones in her sexual harassment lawsuit against him.

Flowers gladly accepted Trump’s invitation.

“We have not invited her formally and we don’t expect her to be there as a guest of the Trump campaign,” Trump’s campaign chair Kellyanne Conway said on CNN’s State of the Union.

“She will not be attending the debate tomorrow night,” running mate Mike Pence told Fox News Sunday.

Only 43 days until the 2016 presidential election.