End Of An Era: Hilton Hotels Doing Away With Skin Flicks In Their Hotel Rooms

Well, we knew this day was coming, didn’t we? With the proliferation of laptops, tablets and smartphones, it was only a matter of time before hotels figured out that we didn’t need to pay a ridiculous fee to watch porn while stowed away in one of their rooms.

Of course, it’s not the massive loss of income hotels are facing in this regard that’s making Hilton Hotels stop showing our favorite movies “after dark.” It’s because porn is not in keeping with their “company’s vision and goals moving forward.” Riiight.

In a statement, via the Mirror, Hilton Hotels rationalized their decision…

We are making immediate changes to our global brand standards to eliminate adult video-on-demand entertainment in all our hotels worldwide.

While the vast majority of our properties already do not offer this content today, this content will be phased out of all other hotels subject to the terms of their contracts.

We believe in offering our guests a high degree of choice and control during their stays with us, including wi-fi on personal devices.

However, we have listened carefully to our customers and have determined that adult video-on-demand entertainment is not in keeping with our company’s vision and goals moving forward.

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation applauded this move, saying, “Hilton has taken a stand against sexual exploitation.” As if this is in any way going to stop people from watching porn in their hotel rooms.

As you may have noticed in the statement, wi-fi will be readily available because they know that you’re spanking it in their rooms and if they took that away then a large chunk of their customer base would never stay at their hotels again.

(Also, let’s all just ignore the irony that Paris Hilton became famous because of, well, you know.)

Man watching TV image by Shutterstock