The CIA’s Top Former Analyst Is Certain Hitler Faked His Suicide, Went To Live On An Island Paradise

This is important.


Lots of people, after they’re forced out of their job due to age, incompetence, or inciting the wrath of the entire world, head to somewhere sunny and warm to live out the rest of their days.

Your grandpa did it, after 40 years of beveling machine washers at the machine washer factory, and perhaps Hitler did it, after six years of committing genocide on a scale never before seen.

At least, that’s what one of the CIA’s top former officials believes.

Bob Baer is a prominent ex-CIA operative, most notable for being the inspiration behind George Clooney’s character in Syriana, and he now hosts the History Channel show Hunting Hitler.

Baer believes he’s unearthed evidence of secret tunnels that prove Hitler escaped his Berlin bunker and chilled on the beach for many, many years after, avoiding punishment for his war crimes. From Mirror

The team have used a collection of never-before-seen documents to develop the theory that Hitler did not actually kill himself and instead fled to the Canary Islands.

Veteran CIA agent Bob Baer said: “The narrative the government gives us is a lie. if you look at the FBI files it throws open the investigation. One document states: “American Army officials in Germany have not located Hitler’s body nor is there any reliable source that Hitler is dead.”

The team claim Hitler ‘easily’ faked his own death through the use of a double, as the corpse found by Russians was said to be five inches shorter than Hitler and with a smaller skull.

Meanwhile, on the show, a former war crimes investigator claims to have spoken to witnesses of Hitler’s escape.

In a series on The History Channel, Ex-United Nations war crimes investigator John Cencich interviews an alleged witness to Hitler’s escape.

The Greek former construction worker tells Mr Cencich: “In 1945 I was building a secret construction inside the monastery in Samos.”

“I had to build secret tunnels and compartments for Germans,” he continued. “Yes, the Germans were Nazis and one of these guys was Adolf Hitler.

“He was right there, he wasn’t wearing a moustache or anything. this was May 1945. I realised it was really Hitler because of the airplane.


The team claims Hitler traveled by U-Boat to Spain, still under Fascist control, then off to Tenerife, in the Canary Islands. After that, Argentina, where many former Nazis attempted to escape.

Either way, if he did, Hitler would be 126 by now, or, in other words, dead. So that’s good.

[H/T @KimberRicci]

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