‘Homeless’ Beggar Is Now Receiving Death Threats After A Video Showed Him Getting Into His $42,000 Audi TT

A street corner beggar is receiving death threats after footage surfaced of him leaving the corner where he panhandles for money, under the guise of being homeless and destitute, and piling into his Audi TT, a luxury car with a base price $42,000. People are, justifiably so, really goddamn angry that this panhandler would be sitting on the corner all day and swindling them out of money under the presumption that this guy was homeless, and couldn’t afford to feed himself.

While the death threats are unwarranted, just think about how pissed off you would be if a ‘homeless’ panhandler on the corner weaseled you out of $5, saying he needed to get a ‘hot meal’, and then you saw this video of that same person getting into his Audi TT, a luxury car that’s nicer than the vehicle you drive yourself:

I’d be fucking LIVID. I cannot say for certain, but my actions would likely involve keying the shit out of his car or hitting him upside the head with a bottle….More likely I’d just tell him to fuck off and call the cops, saying that there was a panhandler trying to sell me drugs…And it’s because I’ve dealt with this same level of scumbag piece of shit panhandler for the last 3 years down in Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood.

SoHo is where the BroBible office is located, and where I was living for the past few years. I shit you not, every fucking morning when I’d walk in to work there was the same goddamn scam artist on the corner using the same goddamn line ‘help a guy get a hot meal’. The first few months I didn’t take notice, but over the course of YEARS I watched this mother fucker get new shoes, pick up jewelry, he smoked cigarettes which if you know anything about how much cigs cost in NYC you know that this habit must have cost him a fucking fortune ($14/pack or more).

This piece of shit didn’t ever remember me though, every fucking day ‘help a guy get a hot meal’ as I walked past, pissed off that tourists would fall for his bullshit. Then one day I when I was walking out of my building, carrying out heavy ass boxes to the corner, he catches me literally as the front door to my building swings up and stops ‘help a guy get a hot meal’…This is when I FUCKING LOST IT. I’m pretty sure that pondscum piece of trash saw the fiery depths of hell within my eyes, because I must’ve hurled every insult under the sun at him, and for the final three months that I was living down there I never saw that piece of shit again….And this is probably how I’d react if I saw a panhandler take my money and get into an Audi TT, car with a base price of $42,000.

via the Telegraph UK:

A persistent beggar in a town centre has received death threats after he was filmed getting into his sports car.
Matthew Brinton – who is regularly seen in Newquay, Cornwall, with his border collie Hazel – was captured with his Audi TT.
But the 35-year-old said the car was bequeathed to him by his grandmother and was stolen soon after the film appeared on social media.
More than 100 people have commented on the post, stating they feel “conned” after giving Mr Brinton food and money as he was portraying himself as being homeless, when in reality he has somewhere to live in Newquay.

He claims that he’s misunderstood, that he can’t read any of the social media posts because he doesn’t have access to the Internet. That his car was stolen and he’s fallen on the worst times of his life. Well I don’t fucking buy it.

I’m a charitable man, if someone’s genuinely in need I’d give them all the money in my pocket, the shirt off my back, whatever. But in this instance I’m certain this man is a straight up con artist because I’ve seen it happen (there were more instances than just the one above).

Anyways, thank you to the bros that are still reading. Apparently I needed to get some of that off my chest, and I appreciate you indulging my rant.


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