How Flipping Fresh Does This Horse Look Rocking A Perfectly Tailored Suit?



It’s a simple fact of life that every dude looks better in a nice suit.

No matter how scraggly, disheveled, and failing at life you are, you can hit a shower, toss on those threads, put a glass of whiskey in your right hand, and look and feel like a million bucks.

That’s indisputable. But does what works for the Bro work for the Brony?

Yes, if this photo is any indication. Because this horse looks fucking fly.


Via William Hill

The hors-uit was designed for bookmaker William Hill, who wanted a horse in a suit to open the 2016 Cheltenham Festival, a big ass annual horse race in Gloucestershire.

It took a former Alexander McQueen employee 18 hours to make, and is genuine Harris tweed. Do you have a Harris tweed suit? Well, a horse fucking does, so maybe you should, too.

[Via GQ Style]

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