This Hot Girl’s Tinder Bio Makes Her Sound Like A Bitch But It’s The Most Honest And Self-Aware Thing You’ll Ever See


Tinder is getting old. Har har har you wrote out 3 paragraphs about how the two of you will spend your lives together and then subsequently break up? Hilarious, except for the fact that 800 people before you did the exact same thing only better than you. Can we all make a pact to stop with the bullshit fluffy-stuffy-I’m-so-original-plz-lurv-mehh Tinder bio crap? Because from now on all I wanna see are self-aware bios that spell shit out for people short and sweet, like this girl. No “Omg I might be batman” or attempts at clever wordplay here, this girl gets to the point in less than 10 seconds flat because she’s hot and maybe a little bitchy to boot…but who said that’s a bad thing?


[H/T Reddit]