Hot Lifeguards Prank Guys On The Beach By Asking Them To Help With Mouth-To-Mouth

by 3 years ago
hot lifeguard prank

YouTube - Break

Protip: If a sexy girl in a bathing suit that you don’t know comes up to you on the beach asking you to do her an unusual favor, you might want to pass. I know it goes against every instinct you have, especially if there are two of them and they’re dressed up like Baywatch lifeguards, but bro, you’re not that good-looking.

Of course, you will still do the exact opposite of what I just said because it’s two hot girls in Baywatch swimsuits and sexy foreign accents and the brain in your head will have been taken over by the brain in your penis. It’s just how it goes, I know, but you can’t say you weren’t warned.


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