Hot Meth Head Mugshot Of The Day Goes To This Florida Science Teacher Arrested For (Duh Duh Duh Duh) Using Meth!

meth headdddd

Hardee County Sheriff's Office

Hollis Ann Morantes, 32, was arrested on Wednesday after admitting to using methamphetamine for over a year alongside her husband, Gambino Truelove Morantes, who was charged with possession of methamphetamines, possession of drug paraphernalia and child neglect. For obvious reasons, Morantes has been “removed from the school [Lakewood Ranch]” and has not had “any contact with students, pending a full investigation.” According to the Herald Tribune, Morantes was busted after allowing officers to search her home for a wanted felon who had fled from the Desoto County Sheriff’s Office using Morantes’ vehicle:

Sheriff’s Office deputies went to the Morantes’ home seeking David Alday, wanted in DeSoto County for battery on a law enforcement officer. He had been driving Hollis Morantes’ vehicle. She gave permission to search her home.

Inside, deputies said they found in plain view drug paraphernalia that tested positive for methamphetamine. According to an account on the Sheriff’s Office’s Facebook page, they also found 3.8 grams of methamphetamine under a pillow, 0.5 grams of methamphetamine in her purse, and baggies, scales, pipes, synthetic urine, and a cleansing agent used for passing drug tests in the couple’s bedroom.

A straw testing positive for methamphetamine was on a dining room table among the child’s board games.(via)

Monopoly and meth, FUN!

Morantes was released from jail approximately 24 hours after posting bail.

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