Hot Teacher Draws Mammoth Dick On Student’s Assignment Because He Was Acting Like One, Parents OUTRAGED

dick drawing


Hey guys, just another story of a dickface kid being a dickface in class and when a teacher tries to instill in him the most valuable lesson he’ll ever learn, well…

According to ABC 7,

Chapin High (Texas) Language Arts teacher Kim Juzdowski drew a penis across the student’s assignment because he wasn’t doing anything in class — if you get the metaphor.

Green (student’s parent) said she discovered the picture on her son’s social media. Shocked, she asked him about it.

“I didn’t want to believe it,” Green said.

But Green said it turned out to be true. She said she emailed Juzdowski, who Greens said, admitted to drawing it.



Ahh, the blimp-dick technique. This is far from her first time. Well done, Ms. Juzdowski.

According to the student’s parent, Juzdowski  admitted to embarrassing the children rather than punishing them.

Juzdowski apologized through email, writing, ” I’m sorry (blank) took offense and I totally understand if you would like to meet with an administrator and have him moved.”

The school administration said that Juzdowski would not be removed form school, citing that she has admitted her wrong doing.

If we’re putting politically correctness and the soft spine of our society aside, embarrassment is the best way to learn. The most painful, but the best. Punishment only breeds resentment.

STORY TIME: When I was in kindergarten, I used to steal the shit kids brought in for show and tell. The teacher would leave them out on display and I would stealthily put them in my backpack. Why? BECAUSE I FUCKING WANTED THEM THATS WHY. I know, it was fucked up, but I didn’t know any better. That was until Katie Devins spotted me behind the cubbies putting her rare Floridian coins in my backpack. She screamed, and cried, and called me a stupid head or some other diabolical name that cut to your soul at the time. The whole class found out I was the thief. I was fucking mortified. Never stole a thing again in my life. Besides yo girl’s heart.

Moral of the story: if the teacher quietly and privately called me over and punished me for what I’d done, I would have given her the jack off motion and stole her purse.

Dick drawings are the best teacher.

[h/t Complex]

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