Someone Finally Opened A Store That Only Sells Segway Hoverboards AND Vapes!

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Hoverboard pop-up stores are practically on every block these days. So are vape stores, where morons in fedoras can stock up on watermelon-flavored vape cartridges. Since both leisure activities cater to the same audience of mouth-breathing douchecanoes, someone in Times Square finally had the foresight to open a hybrid store that sells both vapes AND hoverboards. It’s officially the most 2015 2016 thing ever.

Hunter Walker from Yahoo News just paid it a visit:

There's a store in Times Square that just sells "Hoverboards" 'n vapes.

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Hoverboarding and vaping. Hoverboards ‘N vapes. Together at last under one roof. All these people have to be thrilled:



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