Introducing Doritos Roses, AKA The Only Valentine’s Day Gift You Need This Year

Let’s face it, coming up with the perfect Valentine’s Day gift is so much trial and error. Just when you think you’ve got something great picked out and give it to your lady the response you receive if far less than what you’d hoped to get from her.

So to help you bros out we’ve discovered the one gift that NO ONE could ever be disappointed receiving: Doritos. Or more specifically Doritos in the shape of a bouquet of roses.

Talk about two birds with one stone.

Unfortunately these Doritos roses could have just been purchased, but they were only available in Canada for a limited time. (Why Canada?) Naturally, they sold out within hours leaving the rest of us hanging.

Luckily the Doritos folks, seeing the huge demand for these, went ahead and put together a DIY plan so we can create one of these masterpieces ourselves in just six easy steps.

They used ketchup-flavored Doritos to make their roses, but you can go ahead and choose whatever flavor your heart desires. Then after choosing your chips, all you need are some fake flowers, a little glue and some patience.

If you do decide to make this amazing creation and your lady still gives you the side-eye come Valentine’s Day, well, then there’s obviously no gift that is ever going to please her, am I right?

H/T Huffington Post

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