This Is How To Maximize Your Chipotle Fillings To Get A Two Pound Burrito Without Being Charged Extra

by 4 years ago

FoodBeast / Dylan Grosz

Dylan Grosz is, for all intents and purposes, a goddamn genius. Guaranteed to go down in history as the “second coming on Einstein,” Dylan figured out a way to inflate your regular Chipotle burrito’s weight by 86 percent, making it a whopping two friggin’ pounds as opposed to…well, do some math, figure it out, then let me know. I’m here to blog, not do math.

According to FoodBeast, all you have to do is ask for a burrito bowl as opposed to a regular burrito, along with two tortillas on the side. So far so good; no extra charges.

The REAL trick is then asking for “both kinds of everything,” meaning you get pinto AND black means, white AND brown rice, plus half and half meats. Finish it up with fajita veggies and corn salad; an example is below:


According to FoodBeast:

When ordered like this, he got 93 percent more rice, 92 percent more beans, and 54 percent more meat.

Grosz said he had to wrap the burrito himself with the two tortillas, but it’s worth it as when put on a scale, clocked in at 31.7 ounces, which is almost 2 pounds of Chipotle burrito. That’s 86 percent heavier than a regular Chipotle Burrito.

Now if you’re like me and don’t like Chipotle burritos because you’re a 12-year-old at heart who only eats quesadillas, this is completely useless information. Take it out back and shoot it in the head because it’s taking up valuable space in your noggin that could be used for important things, like Pokemon stats and Game of Thrones trivia. But for those of you who are cheap fucks and can’t stand to pay extra at Chipotle when you’re getting your burrito fix on…you’re welcome.

[H/T Foodbeast]