Watch This UFC Fighter Teach You How To Read A Punch In A Street Fight

by 3 years ago

The last thing I’d do is advocate watching this video and running out into the streets to kick some ass, but I do think it’s important that each and every guy out there knows how to defend himself in a time of need.

Alan Belcher is a 30-year-old MMA fighter currently in UFC’s middleweight division, he specializes in Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Taekwondo, Boxing, Judo, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and he’s here to teach you a lesson that just might save your ass one day.

One of Belcher‘s videos is currently blowing up over on Reddit in which a Black Belt from Long Island crashes one of Belcher’s MMA classes, pretending to be a white belt. I saw this video, decided to scroll through Belcher’s YouTube feed, and finally came across ‘How to Read a Punch in MMA, or Street Fight’ and realized I had to share this with you bros.

Street fights are an ugly fact of life, for 99.99% of guys they’re inevitable at some point. But you shouldn’t go into them blind, you should know how to read your attacker and even how to get your attacker to respond to your movements….but this is all what Belcher’s about to teach you, so I’ll shut up now:

Feel more confident? Safer? You should.

But for now, let’s watch that skill again from the opening montage in GIF:

For more tutorials from Alan you can check out his YouTube channel by clicking the video above!