Girl Says Same Thing When Asked ‘How’s It Going’ On Tinder Until This Guy ‘Bossed’ His Reply, Gets Date The Same Day

No girl likes having the same generic pickup lines thrown at her day in and day out on Tinder. Where’s the variety? The pizzazz? The down-and-dirty “I’d like to fuck you in a dark closet filled with aging Disney toys that not even the most desperate child would want to play with”? Granted that’s weird as hell but hey, it’s at least original. So when Reddit user Ginicanbreathe got the usual “Hey 😉 how is it going?” from a guy on Tinder, she went ahead and used her usual pre-planned response that she throws to every guy who starts out a Tinder conversation with “how is it going?”

Via Reddit

Hamster death and casual family incest are two super interesting topics of conversation that any sane guy should hop straight into, but from what it sounds like Ginicanbreathe doesn’t get many replies afterwards. Maybe it’s the bed-wetting. Do guys like chicks who pee the bed? Because all you have to do is throw her in a diaper and POOF, problem solved.

“Pino,” a Tinder Prince of epic proportions, apparently doesn’t care about the possibility of waking up in an R. Kelly pee shower and managed to concoct a response that Ginicanbreathe says “got him a date the same day”:

See guys? It pays off to be at least semi-original and engaging…assuming their date went well and Ginicanbreathe’s family isn’t actually full of raging incest and chronic bed-wetting.

[H/T Reddit]