Savage Brawl Breaks Out In Philadelphia At Wing Bowl 24

When you’re in Philadelphia and the frost hasn’t yet thawed on a Friday morning, and you’re still filled with liquid courage after closing down the local dive last night you probably brazenly make a run at Philadelphia’s Wing Bowl 24 competition, puking shortly thereafter. But if you’re Molly Schuyler you clog your arteries and take home the victory by going rage cage mode on 429 wings. Savage. Oh Schuyler also weighs 125-pounds, so I’m pretty sure she’s a superhuman. Like what the fuck dude. You’d think the buck would stop there, and everyone would clear out to go tend to their fast approaching hot sauce ravaged volcanic buttholes, but nah, they had to capitalize on the absurdity of the morning and start up a brawl. The joint must’ve run outta’ wings or something. People gotta’ eat right? Check out the view from the stands. These guys were trying to stoke that fast-growing fire.

Hot sauce, and fisticuffs, and booze, and a shitload of gnarled wings to top off Wing Bowl 24. Suffice to say, Philly had a day.

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