After Taking Gawker To Town To The Tune Of $140 Million, Hulk Hogan Dropped This Savage Leg Drop Photoshop On Them Too


Getty Image

Hulk Hogan won a massive victory against Gawker Media this weekend, when a jury found in his favor in his civil suit against the site for posting a sex tape of his.

The court awarded him $115 million, as well as another $25 million in punitive damages.

Of course, Hogan will never see a dime of that money, as the case is most likely to be overturned on appeals (appellate courts are much, much more protective of the First Amendment than a bunch of random Floridians).

Hogan probably knows that as well, so he might as well bask in the win while he can.

Which he did, with this glorious leg drop photoshop.

That probably hurts more than anything.

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