This Dude Seeing Humpback Whales Next To His Boat In Alaska Is The New ‘Double Rainbow’ Video

The enthusiasm this man’s displaying at seeing humpback whales feeding next to his boat could only be rivaled if I were on that boat. As much as I’d love to have been there and seen this firsthand, I can only imagine the ridiculously giddy chortles that’d be squeaking out of my diaphragm. That said, it’d be tough to top the enthusiasm of this dude. Witnessing that many humpback whales feeding right next to his boat was almost too much for this guy. But he held it together enough to get his very own ‘Double Rainbow’ video out of it, and that’s all that really matters, right?

For those of you wondering where you can go to see that many humpback whales all feeding together, this video was taken in Resurrection Bay, Day Harbor area, Seward, Alaska. I’ve never seen humpback whales up close, but I looked into what it’d take for me to get to Seward, Alaska and basically you have to fly into Anchorage ($800 flight from NYC) and then take further transportation from Anchorage to Seward. Then there’s the $70 to $100 whale watching tour in Seward….which all sounds expensive as hell just to see some whales.

This though, this view might be worth it:

All that’s missing now is this video getting auto-tuned.