People Who Pissed Off Hunter S. Thompson Faced Serious Wrath, As Evidenced By This Heated Voicemail He Once Left

For true fans of the Good Doctor, you know that the fun-loving, drug-doing, gun toting-persona Hunter S. Thompson crafted was a bit of a facade. Deep down he was a truly terrible and miserable person.

This really came to light for me in Jann Wenner’s oral history of Thompson, Gonzo. Not only did he strike his first wife, he was an emotionally manipulative, destructive man. Seriously, if you idolize him, give that book a read and it will completely change your perspective.

BUT, that said, it’s still fun to hear him rage out (as long as it’s not physical). In this re-circulating audio (it went viral a while back), he tees off on the motherfuckers who installed a combination VHS/DVD system for him and completely, in Thompson’s eyes, botched the process.

He gets damn hot. Safe to assume he was on drugs.