Husband Of 9/11 Policewoman Returned His Wife’s ‘Woman Of The Year’ Award After Caitlyn Jenner Received Same Award

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New York Police Department officer Moira Smith was the only female cop to die during the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks after saving dozens of people before the building collapsed and killed her. Only one month after her death Glamour magazine posthumously named her “Glamour Woman of the Year” and had her husband, James, receive the award in her place.

However, now that Caitlyn Jenner has been given the same award, James has FedExed the award back to Glamour along with a letter stating that the decision to give Jenner the same award given to his wife is “insulting” and that the decision is a “slap in the face to the memory of our hero.” According to Daily Mail,

‘I was shocked and saddened to learn that Glamour has just named Bruce Jenner “Woman of the Year”,’ Smith wrote.

‘I find it insulting to Moira Smith’s memory, and the memory of other heroic women who have earned this award.

‘Was there no woman in America, or the rest of the world, more deserving than this man?

‘At a time when we have women in the armed forces fighting and dying for our country, heroic doctors fighting deadly diseases, women police officers and firefighters putting their lives on the line for total strangers, brave women overcoming life threatening diseases. Is this the best you could do?’

Despite the backlash towards giving Jenner the “Woman of the Year” award, Glamour magazine has chosen to stand by their decision and issued the following statement via a spokesperson to The NY Daily Post:

‘We were proud to honor his wife . . . in 2001, and we stand by our decision to honor Caitlyn Jenner,’ a Glamour spokeswoman said. ‘Glamour’s Women of the Year Awards recognize women with a variety of backgrounds and experiences.’

While the stances of both Glamour and James Smith are clear, Twitter shows mixed reactions:








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