Idiot Asks Girl ‘Can I Have Sex With You?’ Girl Responds With A+ Godfather Quote But His Reply Is Straight Stupid

Props to this guy with cojones the size of Jupiter who decided the best course of action to get laid was asking some chick straight-up “Can I have sex with you?” In fact, guy deserves a round of applause:

Now that THAT’S over…

What a fucking idiot. Fearless yes, brave of course, but an idiot? Totally. In no universe has that exchange ever worked between complete strangers barring either stranger being a prostitute, but at least this instance gave us this whammy of a response out of the girl:

You’d think the guy would’ve either gotten the reference or just realized he wasn’t about to get laid from his lackluster pickup line. Key phrase here being “you’d think,” because apparently this poor guy is just so clueless he didn’t catch onto anything except for the fact that “maybe” the way he asked her to have sex was “rude”:

Take note fellas: this is how NOT to get laid, ever.

[Via Instagram]